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Whenever anybody asks my mom how long I’ve been singing, she always answers the same way:

“She sang before she ever spoke.”

It used to embarrass me a little when she would tell people about how the baby version of me would lie on my back in my crib with my feet up in the air singing to myself.  That I “had melody before I had words”, however, as I get older and music continues to assert itself as something central to my very identity, I’ve learned to simply smile to myself every time I hear her tell the start to this familiar story.

It was bound to happen… me being a musician.  I come from singing, songwriting, instrument-playing parents.  In my house, songwriting was simply something that people did, so I did it too.  I don’t think I really started to get any good at it until a little after high school though.  Sure, I wrote okay songs for “someone my age”, but I didn’t really have much to say at that point in my life.  I kept pretty busy between the part time jobs, singing in choir and the community theatre shows I did year round, and was also super involved with my high school youth group.  I was a relatively happy kid….  maybe that’s why I didn’t have much of anything interesting to talk about in my music.

Life went on and landed me in a Theatre conservatory in West Hollywood.  Quite the change from the little town in the middle of nowhere, (literally…. we were surrounded by orchards and cows….) where I grew up.  (Ever heard of Visalia, CA?  …Didn’t think so.)  After a year or so of life in the City of Angels, I started working as a professional singer, dancer and actress.  It’s taken me all over the place; cruise ships in the Caribbean, Vegas, China, Japan, Europe.  It’s been a pretty wild ride and while I’ve loved every moment I’ve spent on stage (highlights include spending 3 shows and 6 months at a theatre in a teeny, tiny mountain town that stole my heart, (Sonora, CA), and my personal favorite…..the awesome privilege of appearing as Elphaba in “Wicked” at Universal Studios Japan) there’s always been this niggling little sense in the forgotten corners of my heart that has longed to perform my own music.

Let me clarify something here… I never stopped writing.  As I’ve been on all of these crazy adventures, there have been some pretty extreme ups and downs.  Like anybody in their 20’s I’ve loved, had my heart broken a few times, made some decisions I probably could have handled better, done some things I’m incredibly proud of and also some things that were just plain stupid.  Life has chewed me up, spit me out, and I’ve learned to find the joy in it, get up and keep walking.  All of these things have found a voice in my music.  And let me tell you, songwriting is the BEST therapy I could ask for.

I try to write as honestly as I can.  I find that when I do, people seem to find something they can relate to in my songs.  If YOU do, awesome.  Thanks for listening.  If you don’t, that’s okay too.  Thanks for listening.

I’m not here to try and win over every single person who ever hears my music.  I write because I have to.  It’s who I am.

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